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Information on our manufacturing machinery and Seam Sealing Tapes

As one of the world leaders in garment manufacturing machinery and seam sealing tapes, our engineering team have a wealth of knowledge in everything from seam sealing tape colours to how the design of ultrasonic bonded garments can enhance sports wearer performance. And below you will find examples of this key information. If you have questions about our range of machinery or the application of our technology to enhance your products, please contact our head office today.

tapes for car interiors

Car Interior Tapes & Adhesives

ultrasonic welding for garments

Can ultrasonic welding replace traditional sewing?

ultrasonic welding for garments

Durable seam sealing tape specifically for workwear

how does a tensometer work?

How does a tensometer work?

how does seam sealing tape keep jackets dry?

How seam sealing tape keeps outdoor clothing dry

how seam sealing tape works on jackets

How seam sealing tape works on jackets

how sportswear can improve performance

How sportswear can improve your performance

how to apply seam sealing tape

How to apply seam sealing tape

what machinery is needed for garment manufacturing

What machinery is needed for garment manufacturing?

medical seam sealing tapes

Medical Tapes

seam sealing tape colour

What colours do seam sealing tapes come in?

seam sealing machines for PPE

Using Seam Sealing machines for PPE

seam sealing tape for sportswear

Seam Sealing Tape for Sportswear

the advances in swimwear

The advancement in swimming clothing technology

using Ultrasonics for PPE

Using Ultrasonics for PPE

seam sealing tapes for underwear and swimwear

Seam Seal Tapes for Underwear and Swimwear

using a hydrostatic head tester for seam sealing tape

Using a hydrostatic head tester for seam sealing tape

what is seam sealing tape

What is Seam Sealing Tape?

What is ultrasonic technology

What is ultrasonic technology?

why material testing is important

Why material testing is important

waterproofing a tent using seam sealing tape

Waterproofing a tent with seam sealing tape