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Durable Seam Sealing Tape for Workwear Clothing

Durable Seam Sealing Tape for Workwear Clothing

From hi-vis safety jackets worn by construction crews to heavy duty trousers.

Quality and durable workwear clothing can make a real difference in day to day use for the wearer. Comfort, ease of movement, practicality and durability are all of great importance when it comes to workwear.

While practicality of workwear comes down primarily to the design of the garment; the durability and comfort come down to the materials used.

Seam Sealing technology is not just reserved for waterproofing. It is commonly found on workwear and sportswear as a way of reinforcing and strengthening a heavy wear seam while also offering comfort as a way of reducing rub on the wearer.

At Ardmel, we produce a wide range of single layer, 2-layer and 3layer seam sealing tapes that are commonly found in workwear and accessories such as rucksacks.

While a lightweight sports garment is designed for performance, workwear has multiple roles and when it comes to durable performance tailored to your design requirements, Ardmel are a global leader.

From our seam sealing machine range to the tapes and adhesives used to provide workers with comfortable, durable clothing solutions. You will find excellence in execution in everything we do.

Founded in 1973, our four plus decades of class leading experience has seen us at the forefront of new technological advances and innovation in everything from ultrasonic manufacturing to the constant development and refinement of seam sealing machines.

In an ever changing world, we are able to produce innovation, high quality and fast reacting solutions to meet our customers demands in the workwear market. From pioneering garment manufacturing machines to seam sealing tapes that are widely used throughout multiple industries, we truly are engineering and manufacturing specialists offering a world of performance.