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1 Layer Seam Sealing Tape

1 layer Seam Sealing Tape (also know as Single Layer Seam Sealing Tape) is activated by heat to weld onto PVC and PU coated fabrics.

1 Layer Seam Tapes are an excellent solution for breathable and non-breathable coated and laminated fabrics along with similar materials that require tape sealing. Because of this, 1 layer seam sealing tape is commonly used for fashionable rainwear, Ski and Snowboarding clothing and work wear that requires seam sealing to ensure a strong level of waterproofing.

It is of particular benefit for performance clothing because it is lightweight and flexible which works perfectly with sports outer layer clothing that is classed as light to medium weight.

With an excellent adhesion bonding to fabrics to create a 100% waterproofed seam, 1 layer seam sealing tapes offer a low cost solution for clothing production needs, especially where price point is of great importance.

1 layer seam sealing tape can be used for disposable protective clothing used as part of a range of PPE solutions.

1 layer seam sealing tape manufacturer
1 Layer Seam Sealing Tape is commonly used for Ski and Snowboarding Clothing

About Ardmel and our Seam Sealing Range

We are a global manufacturer of seam sealing machines and the consumable seam sealing tapes they use. You will find our range of machine and tape products in production factories across the world and they are used in everything from lightweight rainwear jackets to Personal Protective Equipment used in medical facilities.

Since our journey began in 1973, we have grown to meet our customers demands for innovation, high quality and fast acting solutions.

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