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Technical Outerwear & Workwear Tapes

Technical Outerwear & WorkwearPerfect Partnering

At Ardmel, we know that performance matters.

And when you depend on your clothing to protect you when you are half way up a mountain in the pouring rain, we also know that it can be a matter of life or death if your clothing is not up to the task.

Which is why we manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality seam sealing tapes and adhesives to provide our customers with the ultimate in waterproof seam protection for clothing and accessories in the outdoor sportwear market.

Our Seam Sealing Tapes have been designed to withstand regular high temperature washing, dry cleaning and the constant friction endurance of daily wear. We produce a wide range of high quality seam sealing tap solutions perfect for technical outwear clothing and the many outdoors brands that are in the market.

Offering solutions for the fabrics of tomorrow.

With so many new technical fabrics entering the clothing market every year, it has seen an increase in demand for our bespoke ‘Ardmel CREATE’ services. When it is not possible to provide an off the shelf seam sealing tape, our fabric engineers can create an entirely new tape that meets your needs.

We product bespoke solutions for so many of the global sectors we work in, including:

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If you would like to know more about our range of seam sealing tapes that can be used for outdoor clothing, please contact us.

technologically advanced seam sealing tapes A WORLD OF TECHNOLOGY

In an ever changing world, customers demand more from their products. Innovation, quality, speed and value added are all key qualities that our seam sealing tapes deliver. At Ardmel, we provide a one-stop shop for all seam sealing technology and we mean that literally. We manufacture a range of seam sealing machines as well as the seam sealing tapes. All of which are designed to meet the high expectations and requirements of our customers.

tapes and the related seam sealing machines ONE-STOP SHOP

Our unique concept to supply not only our vast range of seam tapes and adhesives but also the machinery and the techniques to advise our customers on their production processes and continually improve their efficiencies.

Our technical team can take you from the initial stages of your product through to final manufacturing. We can provide support every step of the way. Whether you are in the very first stages of designing your product and need assistance with identifying the best way forward, have your product ready but need support in choosing the most suitable tape or adhesive, or have a final product but need more efficient machinery to help you complete your vision, we’re here to help guide you through the process.

technical support and experience in all our seam sealing tapes TECHNICAL EXPERTISE

With nearly 40 years experience in manufacturing in both engineering and garment production, we provide our customers with a full range of services and products all in one place. And all to the highest of standards.

Our tapes and adhesives come in a range of colours and are suitable for a whole range of uses, from creating high performance, comfortable seamless sportswear clothing to waterproofing high end luxury brand car dashboards and so much more. If you’re not sure what sort of tape or adhesive would be best for you, our bespoke tape team of technical experts are on hand to help.

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Outdoor clothing requires high performance seam sealing tapes and adhesives