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3 Layer Seam Sealing Tape

3 Layer Seam Sealing Tape

3 layer Seam Sealing Tape is the thickest, heavy duty seam sealing tape that we manufacture in our current tape range.

3 layer Seam Sealing Tape is similar to a 2 layer seam sealing tape but with a thicker, more heavy duty design that makes it ideal for use in more demanding environments such as military application, biohazard protective suits, the automotive industry (for the likes of car seat seam sealing and dashboards), dry and wet suits and PPE Clothing.

While 1 Layer Seam Sealing Tape is ideal for lightweight, performance clothing and 2 Layer Seam Sealing Tape is a firm favourite for the outdoor clothing sector, 3 Layer Seam Sealing Tapes is commonly used when durability and heavy wear are of great importance.

A 3 layer seam sealing tape helps to lock in the seam and prevent water and air penetration. With an excellent adhesion to fabrics and a heavy duty construction, this seam tape will commonly be used on heavy wear areas of clothing as well as on heavy duty garments. This makes it an ideal solution for military application.

Why does a seam need seam sealing tape?

Whether a seam join is between a jacket sleeve and jackets main body panels or two panels of a camping tent, it creates a vulnerable entry point that water and wind can penetrate. To prevent this weathering element from entering, seam sealing tape can be applied to seal up these vulnerable stitch holes and make the fabric seam waterproof.

You can also find 3 layer seam sealing tape used on heavy duty PPE solutions, wet suits and in the car industry.

Beyond garments & PPE

Seam Sealing Tape is not used exclusively in the clothing sector. Seam Sealing Tape is commonly used in car interiors to help provide a strengthening element to car seats as well as sound insulation on dashboards. Hidden behind your dashboard, seam tape is an invaluable part of the car manufacturing process.

car interior seam sealing tape

About Ardmel and our Seam Sealing Range

At Ardmel, we are a global manufacturer of seam sealing machines and the consumable seam sealing tapes that they use. You will find our range of machine and tape products in production factories across the world with everything from lightweight rainwear jackets to Personal Protective Equipment used in medical facilities.

Since we first began our journey in 1973, we have grown to meet our customers demands for innovation, high quality and fast acting solutions.

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