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How to apply seam sealing tape

How to apply seam sealing tape

While the advantages of using seam sealing tape are both obvious and numerous, how seam sealing tape is applied and bonded properly to a seam is equally important. But how do you apply a seam sealing tape to a seam?

Picking the right Seam Sealing Machines

Seam Sealing Tape is applied to a seam using a seam sealing machine. At Ardmel, we have been manufacturing seam sealing machines since 1979 and are one of the key manufacturers of seam sealing machines supplied globally to factories and production centres across Asia, Africa and the Americas.

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The Seam Sealing Tape Process

To apply seam sealing tape, firstly hot air from the seam sealing machine is blown onto the seam sealing tape loaded on a reel above. This hot air on the tape activates the polyurethane coating or adhesive of the tape. Single Layer seam tapes use PU polyurethane while 2 layer and 3 layer seam tapes use adhesives for bonding.

The heat activated seam sealing tape is then applied under pressure to the seams of your chosen material creating a bond that makes the seam stronger, waterproof and perfect for PPE use.


Choosing the right seam sealing tape

At Ardmel, our engineering team can provide our decades of experience to advise you on the right tape, PU or adhesive to best bond to your chosen fabric material. Our Ardmel CREATE team are a specialist division within Ardmel that can work with your designers and production team to create tailored and bespoke solutions fit for your unique needs. To discuss your requirements and to speak to our engineering team about your manufacturing needs, please contact our head office or speak to your nearest global sales and servicing office using the links below.



seam sealing tapes for everything from clothing to medical products

What can seam sealing tape be used for?

Seam sealing tape can be found in the production of everything from technical outer waterproof clothing, camping tents and high performance sportswear to PPE vital in the ongoing fight against pandemic causing diseases such as Covid-19 Cornonavirus.

Available in a range of colours and patterns, our seam sealing tapes can be find on globally recognised products that consumers, medical professionals and sporting athletes use each and every day.