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Seam Sealing Machine for PPE

Seam Sealing Machine for PPE

Seam Sealing Machines from Ardmel can be used to manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent viruses and other diseases from penetrating through the small pores created by stitched seams.

PPE Clothing is vital to protect the Doctors, Nurses and other Key Workers as they fight against viruses and other diseases to help protect our loved ones.

From the face masks to protective gowns, bed sheets and surgery curtains, seam sealing machines can be used to help seam seal all vulnerable joints and weak points that could otherwise create an entry point for viruses to infect people.

We are a global name in the design and mangufacturer of both seam sealing machines and the seam tapes and adhesives that are used on them. From our very first seam sealing machine produced in the late 70’s to its most modern update, our seam sealing machines incorporate touch screen technology, temperature and air supply feedback systems and energy saving systems. Our commercial customers have seen first hand the quality and strength of our machines (many of our original Mk-1 Seam Sealer can still be found in use to this day) and understand that this makes our machines the perfect partner when it comes to PPE Clothing Seam Sealing Tape application.

seam sealing machines for PPE
Our seam sealing machines can be used to seal PPE Clothing

You can view our range of seam sealing machines here:

PPE Seam Sealing Tapes

Our seam sealing machine range is complimented by our PPE tapes. With a diverse range of seam sealing tapes available for use in a wide application range, our standard range are a popular choice with clothing and medical manufacturers looking for a range of quality tapes that are fit for purpose.

Bespoke PPE Tapes

When your PPE requirements go beyond our standard offerings, this is where our bespoke ‘Ardmel CREATE’ division come into play. Our best and brightest engineers can work directly with you to create bespoke seam sealing tapes that are perfectly suited to your uniqe specification and requirements.

If you would like to know more about Ardmel CREATE, please click the link below.