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How a tensometer works

How a tensometer works

A tensometer is, as the name alludes to, a universal testing machine designed for material testing.

It is used to test the tensile strength and compressive strength of materials during the research and development phase of a products design. It can be used to determine the varying strengths, loads and tensile strength of a particular material. The universal aspect of this type of testing equipment reflects that it can be used to test standard tensile and compression on materials, components and other structures.

This verstaility is why it is often referred to as a universal tester.

Tensometers are used widely in the manufacturing industry as a way of ensuring that materials and parts meet required safety specification and endurance requirements.

But how does a tensometer work?

A tensometer consists of two grips that hold a section of material in place. This is the material that is being tested.

Using a pulling force created by a screw, the tensometer will test a materials strength and can be used in multiple environments as it is easily transported.

A tensometer can help to determine the Young’s modulus for the material that is being tested. This represents the initial linear slope of a materials stress-strain curve which we can define as the tensile strength divided by the tensile strain of the material. The point at which a material being tested stress/strain begins to curve, this represents the tested materials elastic limit. Strain above this point will result in permanent damage and deformation. Testing to understand these limits is vital to the development of a wide range of products to determine if the material is fit for purpose.

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