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Medical Tapes

Medical Tapes

Protection is a key issue in the medical sector.

Being able to provide a completely waterproof and airtight seam on clothing in the medical industry is of the utmost importance. For that vulnerable area to also handle being cleaned at high temperatures to remove all traces of bacteria is what lets us stand out over our competitors.

At Ardmel, we are a global name in the development and supply of seam sealing tapes and adhesives that are perfect for application in the medical sector.


Our tapes do not contain any harmful substances and have been tested to withstand the constant high temperatures required for regular washing in the medical sector.

Our seam sealing tapes and adhesives are regularly used in the following clothing and fabric products in hospitals, laboratories and other medical environments where performance and reliability are crucial:

Surgical Gowns

Protective mattress covers

Surgical Drapes

medical seam sealing tapes
From medical gowns to surgical drapes, you will find our seam sealing tapes used throughout the medical industry.

At Ardmel, we are a world leader in the design engineering and manufacture of both specialist machinery AND the associated seam sealing tapes and adhesives. From our seam sealing machines which are found in garment factories on the four corners of the globe to the consumable tapes the we offer.

We can even offer a bespoke development service to create tapes and adhesives specific to your requirements. Perfect for ensuring guaranteed results in your medical sector requirements.

To find out more about our range of current medical tapes, please contact our global head office in Scotland.