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The underwear manufacturing market plays a crucial role in the global apparel industry, catering to the diverse and essential needs of consumers worldwide.

As an integral segment within the broader textile and garment sector, underwear manufacturers produce a wide range of undergarments including briefs, boxers, knickers, bras and more.

Complete Solutions for a Global Market

We have worked with customers all around the globe, taking their specific market and challenges and working with them to introduce a range of machines and consumables that work best.

We’ll work with you to identify your requirements, including your working environment, and help you to build out your process from machines needed for initial design, to main manufacture and ongoing testing.

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Ensure Your Products Are...



Will withstand daily use



No need for heavy seams



Low profile for improved look


Improved Comfort

Smooth seams for next to skin

Areas to Consider

It’s important to look at your specific processes before choosing machines and consumables to suit your product


Heat is required to melt the adhesive, too much or too little will impact the bond.


Your local environment can impact the settings needed for perfect adhesion – if ambient temperature is high, you may need to lower heat settings.


The pressure used will force the adhesive into your fabric to create a bond.