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Seam Seal Tape Colours

Seam Sealing Tapes in standard and bespoke colour options

At Ardmel, we are a world leader in the supply of seam sealing tapes for use in clothing, sportswear, outdoor products, PPE clothing, car interiors and so much more.

From our two production factories, one in the Kingdom of Fife in the East of of Scotland and the other in the heart of Sri Lanka, we can produce seam sealing tapes in a variety of sizes, colours and textures to meet your clothing and product needs.

Whether your requirements can be satisfied through our standard ‘stock’ selection of seam sealing tapes or through our bespoke tapes that are designed and developed by our creative ‘Ardmel Create’ team, we can supply you with class leading performance in the right seam tape for your needs.

seam sealing tape colours
Our Seam Sealing Tapes come in a range of stock colours as well as bespoke options

Standard Colour Range

At Ardmel, we produce seam sealing tapes in a set colour range of:

black seam sealing tape grey seam sealing tape white seam sealing tape olive green seam sealing tape navy seam sealing tape
  • Black
  • Grey
  • White
  • Olive Green
  • Navy

We have developed this standard colour range through decades of experience and market demands. These colours are consistently the most in demand due to their multi use potential.

Bespoke Colour Matching Seam Seal Tapes*

When your product design requires a more bespoke colour choice that is specific to your creative requirements, Ardmel are ready to step up to meet your needs.

We offer a bespoke colour matching service for our seam sealing tapes. This means that whether you are designing a range to colour match a brand logo or have a set pantone colour targeted, we can develop a bespoke seam sealing tape to achieve your design goals.

*Minimum orders apply for bespoke colour matched seam seal tapes.

What is pantone colour matching?

Pantone colour matching is a standardised colour reproduction system. It means that a brands shade of blue, for example, can be colour matched to produce consistent results whether it is printed on a letterhead, moulded out of plastic or sealed over a seam joint.

Pantones are categorised by their allocated number and as more and more brands across the globe look to solidify their marketing consistency, pantone use has become a very important part of ensuring that their brand identity is met and is consistent through all forms of print, production and product use.

If you would like to know more about our range of coloured seam sealing tapes and bespoke seam sealing tape options, please contact us by calling our head office in Scotland on 01592 771 241 or by emailing [email protected]