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In an ever changing world, customers are demanding more from their products. Innovation, High quality, quick solutions, just in time service and value added are all key qualities. Ardmel provide a one-stop shop for all seam joining technology meeting the requirements of our customers.

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Our unique concept to supply not only our vast range of seam tapes and adhesives but also the machinery and the techniques to advise our customers on their production processes and continually improve their efficiencies.

Our technical team can take you from the initial stages of your product through to final manufacture, providing support at every step. Whether you are in the very first stages of designing your product and need assistance with identifying the best way forward, have your product ready but need support in choosing the most suitable tape or adhesive, or have a final product but need more efficient machinery to help you complete your vision, we’re here to help guide you through the process.

technical support and experience in all our seam sealing tapes Technical Expertise

With over 30 years experience in manufacturing in both engineering and garment production, Ardmel provides our customers with a full range of services and products all in one place.

Our tapes and adhesives are suitable for a whole range of uses, from creating seamless sportswear to improve comfort to waterproofing high-quality car dashboards and much more. If you’re not sure what sort of tape or adhesive would be best for you, our team of technical experts are on hand to help.

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