Engineering & Manufacturing Specialists since 1973

Engineering & Manufacturing Specialists
Welcome to Ardmel Automation

Founded in 1973, we have grown to become a world leader in special-purpose automated machine manufacture, seam sealing tapes and adhesive. Our range of machines and consumables can help you with everything from creating seamless sportswear to medical PPE, waterproof dashboards and more.

PPE Clothing Machines
Medical Clothing & PPE

Our range of tapes and adhesives are perfect for creating a seal on a variety of medical clothing and related PPE. Our expert team can help advise you on which one will be suitable for your needs.

car interior seam sealing machine

Our tapes and adhesives are ideal for use on automobiles. A subtle tape on the back of any stitched finish ensures a high-quality luxurious look is still able to remain waterproof to protect against any spillages.

outoor clothing bonding and seam sealing
Technical Clothing

Our seam sealing tapes and adhesives are perfect for creating comfortable and protective outerwear, with taped seams giving improved performance.
With a wide range available, our expert team can help you identify which is best for your product.

seam sealing sportswear

Taped seams are perfect for sportswear and underwear with less bulky seams improving wearer comfort. Our technical team can work with you to ensure you get the best match for your fabric, ensuring durability and a clean look for your products.

military clothing technology
A World of Possibilities

What was once used solely for elite waterproof products is now widely used through many industries, with end application uses including medical garments, hot air balloons, car seats, shoes and lots more. If you're unsure or have any questions, just get in touch and our team will use their expertise to guide you to the perfect product.

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Covid-19 Update:

seam sealing tapes and garment construction machinery

Global leaders in specialist machinery and seam sealing tapes

Welcome to Ardmel Automation, specialist engineering and manufacturers for the clothing, electronics and motorcar industries.

From seam seal tapes, heat sealing and ultrasonic cutting technologies to engineering semi automatic and fully automatic manufacturing equipment to maximise efficiencies and de-skill operations to improve output.

We have, for nearly 50 years, developed Award Winning construction technology for customers worldwide and have built our reputation on developing and delivering high quality machinery and seam sealing tapes that are usable, adaptable and have a real focus on producing a quality finish.

Founded in 1973, our four plus decades of class leading experience has seen us at the forefront of new technological advances and innovation in everything from ultrasonic manufacturing to the constant development and refinement of seam sealing machines.

In an every changing world, we are able to produce innovation, high quality and fast reacting solutios to meet out customers demands. From pioneering garment manufacturing machines to seam sealing tapes that are widely used throughout multiple industries, we truly are engineering and manufacturing specialists offering a world of performance.

world leaders in seam sealing tapes, PPE garment construction machinery

commercial seam sealing machines

Seam Sealing Machines

From our first seam sealing machine developed in 1979 to our latest innovations that push us forwards and allows us to lead the way in garment contruction technology.

seam sealing tapes

Seam Sealing Tapes

Discover a world of high quality, durable and innovative seam sealing tapes ideal for so many industries and supported by nearly 50 years of engineering and design experience.

worldwide garment machine and PPE seam sealing tapes

Covid-19 Solutions

From PPE Seam Sealing Tapes to Ultrasonic Sewing Machines ideal for protection against Coronavirus and other potentially dangerous diseases and pathogens.