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Sportswear Tapes

Sportswear Seam Sealing Tapes

In a competitive environment where second place is the first looser, the world of sports athletes require the very best in every area.

seam sealing tape for sportswear From endurance to strength, performance to efficiency. Our seam sealing tapes are designed to perform.

And as with everything we do at Ardmel, our range of seam sealing tapes for sportswear is designed to provide those that wear our products nothing but the best in endurance and performance.

In an industry worth an estimated $1.3 trillion, sportswear is all about strength, endurance and performance and through the decades we have always gone above and beyond to exceed the high standards of the athletes who wear our product.

What can seam sealing be used for in sportswear?

The most common sportswear products that you will find our seam sealing tapes in is outdoor clothing. During the Winter Olympic, so much of the sportswear athletes performance clothing will be seam sealed.
Waterproof swimsuits that feature ultra thin and lightweight ultrasonic sewing will incorporate our seam sealing tapes for strength while even performance footwear can use seam sealing tape as a way of minimizing the seam weight while adding strength.

Our tapes and adhesives have been designed to work with the high performance sportswear material that our customers have worked so hard to develop and to ensure maximum comfort and durability in their field.

Our sportswear tape range is made up of compression and stretch films to ensure performance and reliability with excellent bond strength and wash ability. All key ingredients to a successful end product in the sportswear market.

How can I find what the right seam sealing tape?

Our team of design engineers can advise you through the stages of manufacturing and design to ensure that your the seam sealing tape required is up to your standards and sporting requirements of its wearer. To speak to one of our seam sealing tape developers, simply get in touch with us and we can arrange for one of our engineers to discuss your unique requirements and provide you with all the information you need about our range of seam sealing tapes.

seam sealing tapesfor the sportswear industry
From seam sealing on water sports equipment to adhesives in water sports materials, we can provide seam sealing tapes and adhesives for all needs.

What if I am looking for a bespoke tape specific to my sportswear design and performance needs?

With our inhouse ‘Ardmel Create’ division, we can also offer a completely bespoke tape and adhesive development program so that yor sportswear fabric and/or product range can reach its maximum potential. We have worked with many of the top brands in gobal sportwear to either supply our existing range of tapes or to develop specialised and bespoke offers that are fit for purpose. You can speak to us about specific case studies that match your field.

In combination with our range of garment manufacturing equipment including:

Seam sealing machines

Bonding presses

We can provide the right application to help achieve the maximum in performance for your needs.

sportswear seam sealing tape
Our seam sealing machines and ultrasonic sewing machines are the perfect combination along with seam sealing tapes to create high performance sportswear that lives up to its name.