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How sportswear can improve performance

How sportswear can improve performance

At Ardmel, we are incredibly proud of our quality range of seam sealing tapes, especially when it comes to delivering real performance gains for athletes who know that every little advantage can make the difference between Gold and Silver.

sportswear performance benefits from seam sealing tape

Sportwear designed specifically for individual sporting needs can add overall performance to athletes. Whether it be high wicking fabric technology that can help the player focus on their game and not their sweat build up. Or sophisticated fabric/pattern cuts which can help support the right muscle groups – delivering more performance to the wearer. Sportswear is not just about the brand logo on the front, it is about what goes on within the material, the cut and the seams.

And while professional athletes can help endorse and promote specific products, the real test comes with the quality of the garments themselves.

And that is where we come in.

sportswear seam sealing tapes

At Ardmel, we have been leading the way in advanced garment manufacturing and seam sealing technology, both of which have helped push sportswear design and construction to a new level.

Ultrasonic cutting technology allows lightweight fabric cutting without fraying whilst seam sealing tape allows for more streamlined swimming gear that helps the athletes power through the water more quickly.

And as sportswear moves into a new level with infrared-emitting fabrics, bio tracking and monitoring technology and ‘smart’ clothing, we are always working with our customers to push the envelope of what is possible.

Our ‘Ardmel CREATE’ division works with some of the leading sports brands in the world to help develop seam sealing tapes that can perform in the most demanding arenas whilst our manufacturing engineers are constantly pushing so that the clothing of tormorrow can help athletes push that little harder.

If you would like to know how our range of manufacturing machinery and seam sealing tape technology can help deliver more for your sportswear clothing, please contact our head office by filling in the form below to find out more.

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