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What is seam sealing tape?

What is Seam Sealing Tape?

While advances in fabric technology has produced water repellent and waterproof fabrics that can be used for Tents, Jackets and so much more, there is still vulnerabilities in the stitch holes that are created when seams are sewn into fabrics.

Whether this is the seam join between a jacket sleeve and jackets main body panels or two panels of a camping tent, it still creates an entry point that water can penetrate.

To prevent water from entering, seam sealing tape can be applied to seal up these vulnerable stitch holes and make the fabric seam waterproof.

seam sealing tapes in outdoor clothing
You will find seam sealing tapes in Water Rafts, Wet Suits, Life Jackets, Rucksacks and so much more in the outoor industry

So what is seam sealing tape?

Seam Sealing Tape is simply an adhesive tape that is used on seams of clothing and other manufacturered products to prevent humidity and water penetration whilst adding strength to the products seam joint.

There are three main types of seam sealing tapes used in manufacturing and garments.

Single Layer Seam Sealing Tapes

Single layer seam sealing tapes are only activated by heat to weld onto PU coated fabrics.

2 Layer Seam Sealing Tapes

A 2 layer seam sealing tape is commonly used to prevent water penetration over stitch seams and is commonly found in the likes of Waterproof jackets.

3 Layer Seam Sealing Tapes

Similar to 2 layer seam sealing tapes but with a thicker and more heavy duty design that makes them ideal for use in more demanding environements such as military application, medical wear, the automotive industry (for the likes of car seat seam sealing and dashboards), dry and wet suits and PPE Clothing.

seam sealing waterproof jackets
Waterproof Clothing uses 2 & 3 layer Seam Sealing Tapes to make the seams waterproof
PPE seam sealing tapes
PPE Medical Clothing uses Seam Sealing Tapes to help protect those wearing the PPE Clothing

Where are Seam Sealing Tapes commonly used?

You will commonly find seam sealing tapes used in:

  • Outdoor Clothing such as Waterproof Jackets, Fishing Gear etc.
  • Sports Clothing
  • Waterproof Boots and other footwear
  • Camping Tents, Sleeping Bags and Rucksack/Backpacks
  • Wet Suits, Dry Suits and Diving Equipment
  • Military Clothing, Packs, Vests, Helmets and other equipment
  • PPE covering masks, gowns, suits and so much more.
seam sealing tapes for car seats
From car seats to the dashboards themselves. You will find Ardmel Seam Sealing Tapes used to great effect

At Ardmel, we produce a complete range of Seam Sealing Tapes that are made to the highest quality standards with long lasting properties that are designed to perform in their required environment.

They offer:

  • Excellent bonding strength
  • Consistent adhesion
  • Superior waterproofing
  • Durability

Over the years and throughout the varying sectors we work in, we have consistenly proven to be a market leader in the design and supply of seam sealing tapes for our customers who demand quality and performance.

Did you know…

We also produce a range of both seam sealing machines. In fact, we have been making seam sealing machines since 1973. You can find out more about our range of seam sealing machines by clicking the button below.