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The Ardmel Story

The Ardmel Story

Our Beginning

Founded in 1973 as a special purpose automated machine manufacturer, Ardmel has had over 30 years of successful innovation and development, manufacturing machines for companies as diverse as BMW, Ford, Levi’s Jeans and Scandvik.

Ardmel has been a key player in the tape seam sealing market since the late seventies, with the development of the MK-1 seam sealing machine, first designed in-house at Ardmel. This revolutionised the waterproof performance market which, up until that point, had used the paint and daub method. The success and durability of the MK-1 can still be seen today as some of the original machines are still being used after 30 years of service. Over the following three decades, Ardmel continued to dominate the tape sealing and tape market.

our engineers making some development changes to a seam sealing machine in our factory

Ardmel Today

Today, what was once used solely for elite waterproof products, is now widely dispersed through-out the industry. The applications have also diversified with the machines being used for a wide variety of products, including hot air balloons, car seat covers, shoes, bagpipes and of course apparel.

In an ever changing world, customers are demanding more from their products. Innovation, high quality, quick solutions just in time service and value added are all key qualities. Ardmel provide a one-stop shop for all seam joining technology meeting the requirements of our customers. Our unique concept to supply not only our vast range of seam tapes and adhesives but also the machinery and the techniques to advise our customers on their production processes and continually improve their efficiencies. With over 40 years experience in manufacturing in both engineering and garment production, Ardmel provides our customers with a full range of services and products all in the one place.


We provide a large variety of tapes and adhesives, ranging from soft and flexible for 2- and 3-layer materials to printed tapes. With an extensive colour palette and large choice of colours, we will make sure we can fulfil your requirement.


Ultrasonics are used in our machinery to allow for seamless technology as well as smooth clean edges in both cutting and sewing. Being environmentally friendly aswell as reducing the need for threads, our Ultrasonic machines can be used for a wide variety of products.


Alongside our tapes and adhesives, we provide tape sealing machines to ensure your tapes are applied to a professional finish. With a selection of add ons for your machinery, our seam sealing machines can help apply tapes to a variety of products, including underwear, medical clothing, automobiles, life rafts and much more.


We offer a variety of machines allowing you to test your products to industry standards.


Our laser cutting & engraving machine equipment provides high performance and flexibility on a variety of materials. Combining our software and a cutting speed of 150mm/sec, the laser cutter provides a quality solution for production needs at an affordable price.

from garment clothing manufacturing machines to seam sealing tapes & adhesives