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PPE Tape

PPE Tape

At Ardmel, we are one of the global leaders in the manufacturer of durable, quality performance personal protective equipment (PPE) tapes.

Our range of PPE Tapes can be used for bonding, protection and sealing protective clothing and accessories such as medical gowns, face shields, and face masks.

What is PPE Tape?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Tape is seam sealing tape that is used for medical protective clothing and equipment to help seal seams and ensure that the clothing, apparel or protective suit being worn is completely secure and the occupant is protected.

PPE Seam Sealing tape has become a vital tool in the protection of medical personnel in the fight against the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak of 2020 but before the global pandemic, PPE seam sealing tape has been used for a long time in the medical industry as a way of protecting medical doctors, scientists and nurses from bacteria, virus and other biohazards that they would otherwise come into contact with.

PPE Seam Sealing Tapes from Ardmel include:

  • Strong adhesion
  • Durable bond
  • Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral properties

ppe tape for coronavirus
PPE Tape for Medical Application

Why is PPE Clothing so important?

PPE Kits are vital in protecting Doctors, Scientists and Nurses from coming into contact with the deadly viruses that they are trying to cure. The heat seal seam tapes made by Ardmel helps not only strengthen the seam bond but also locks and protects the puncture holes created by stitch marks in a garment.

PPE Tapes can:

  • Provide airtight seals
  • Securely close seams on protective gowns
  • Bond materials
  • Provide abrasion, corrosion and humidity resistance and support
  • Improve comfort for the wearer

We have seen proven success with our seam sealing tapes over the decades in such sectors as Waterproof clothing and Military and Tactical apparel. Our range of tapes for PPE takes all our knowledge and experience to create outstanding quality seam sealing tapes that can be used in the fight against viruses such as the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

seam sealing PPE tape for Covid-19
PPE Seam Sealing Tape has been developed and used in the Military sector

What can PPE Tape be used for?

PPE Tape has many uses for the protection of front line workers. It can be used for:

  • Sealing
  • Protecting
  • Mounting
  • Masking
  • Joints
  • Insulation
  • and much more

Ardmels range of PPE tapes are used to ensure an airtight seal is formed on protective clothing such as medical gowns and other clothing. They can also be used to provide a thin yet strong bond for a wide number of PPE manufacturing processes to create a reliable bonding and protection barrier.

Find out more about our PPE Tape

Ardmel is a Global supplier of PPE tape. Yo can enquire directly for your market by contacting your local sales and support agent which you can find here.

PPE tapes for Coronavirus
Protection and performance go hand in hand with Ardmels range of Seam Sealing PPE Tapes
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