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Other Applications

Other Tape & Adhesive Applications

With a full range of seam sealing tapes and adhesives designed for the rigours of the Mountain Tops of the World and the cleanliness of a surgical operating theatre, you will find a full compliment of tapes and adhesives on offer for use in seam sealing machines across the globe.

At Ardmel, we specialise in films and tapes which have been developed to meet the requirements for a wide variety of specific industries ranging from ballistic vests to luggage, Hot air balloons to Inflatable boats, blinds, awnings, Tarpaulins and so much more.

With our ‘Ardmel Create’ division, we can also offer more than just our standard range of consumable tapes and adhesives. We can help to develop bespoke tapes specific for your requirements. This has proved to be a great success story for our clients in the automotive industry looking for specific adhesives for their cars passenger seats and other interior fit and fittings.

Whatever sector or industry you are in and whatever your requirements, we can find a solution. Our determination to achieve the right seam sealing tape and/or adhesive product for our customers has proven over the years to be a large part of the success story that is Ardmel.

seam sealing tapes for many uses
From tapes for outdoor clothing to adhesives for inflatable boats, we offer a full range of seam sealing tapes and adhesives perfect for clothing and material application.