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CV-19 Response

Some of the areas we can help with include;
Tape sealers – for hospital gowns, coveralls etc
Lasers – for laser cutting out components with increased efficiency
Ultrasew – used in surgical gowns and other medical PPE, such as masks
Tapes & Adhesives – our team can help recommend tapes and adhesives for medical items
Strip cutters – ideal to speed up production
UK slitting capacity– we can arrange slitting support
Bonding – hot press applications
Technical support – full support available

H192 Ultrasew Machine
The Ultrasew can provide totally watertight seams, which are less bulky and use minimal seam allowance, improving both comfort and appearance.

It is used extensively in the manufacture of masks, surgical and isolation gowns, as it allows for a completely impermeable seam – to protect against potentially contaminated fluids which may contain pathogens.
Mk501 Seam Sealer
The Mk501 Seam sealer is designed to provide ease of operation, consistency and quality complete with a range of optional modular attachments to provide extra versatility.
Used in the production of masks and protective coveralls, it can reinforce the seams and joins for a 100% waterproof seam.
SC-200 Strip Cutter
A free-standing, robust, heavy-duty unit, the Strip Cutter system is capable of handling the toughest strip cutting tasks.
It can cut to length and seals the ends for Velcro’s, zippers, cords and all types of trims used in gowns and masks.



After CV-19

The world post-CV19 will be a very different place.
Demands and changing priorities means manufacturers may need to change their manufacturing capabilities as worldwide demand continues to change.
Ardmel can help you explore these new and exciting possibilities – our machines are versatile and flexible.


If you are interested in any of these areas, or need other support, contact our team at