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Mk501 Seam Sealer

commercial seam sealing machines
versatile seam sealer machine

The MK-501 seam sealer delivers operational ease, consistency, and uncompromising quality.

Equipped with a diverse array of attachments, this seam sealer offers heightened versatility to accommodate a range of applications. Seam sealers are versatile tools used in any application where creating durable, airtight, and waterproof seams is essential.

energy efficient seam sealing machines Energy Efficient

The MK-501 incorporates advanced technological features to optimise energy efficiency. Employing a 1800W heater, the system integrates an automatic energy-saving mechanism. This intelligent system conserves power and compressed air by executing a sequential shutdown process — first turning off the heater and, once cooled, deactivating the machine and its air supply.

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seam sealing machine fetures Standard Fittings

Automatic ScissorsUse: Streamlines the process of applying tape on seams during sealing operations
Benefit: Enables seamless tape application and allows the operator to control tape feeding with incremental adjustments using the foot pedal
Dual Speed Knee PressUse: Permits speed reduction for sealing cross-over seams on 3-layer materials, optimising control without interrupting the manufacturing process
Benefit:Enhances efficiency by eliminating the need for separate hot stamping in these areas, streamlining the overall production workflow
Slack Feed Tape DeviceUse: Allows unrestricted tape feed, reducing the risk of puckering and creasing in the sealed seams
Benefit: Enhances the quality of the final product by ensuring smooth and even tape application without distortions
Nozzle GuardUse: Includes an air cooled nozzle guard, eliminating the necessity for the operator to wear gloves, and helps prevent fabric scorching
Benefit: Enhances operator comfort and safety, promoting a more ergonomic and user-friendly working environment
Depth Top CylinderUse: Facilitates the accommodation of thicker materials, such as neoprene, whilst also giving a flat finish on stretch and thinner fabrics.
Benefit: Expands the versatility of the machine, enabling the effective sealing of a broader range of materials, thus enhancing the system’s adaptability. Additionally, it can regulate demarcation caused by pressure.
HMI TouchscreenUse: Input data through the touchscreen HMI panel designed for easy programming.
Benefit: Simplifies user interaction and programming, ensuring user-friendly operation and efficient machine setup.

optional extras for seam sealing machine Optional Extras

Binding Folder: Facilitates easy application of binding for underwear and sportswear.

Hemming Guide: Streamlines folding for hemming and lap seaming, suitable for underwear, sportswear, and outerwear.

50mm Reflective Kit: Simplifies the application of wider retro-reflective tapes, ideal for workwear and outerwear.

35mm Kit: Designed for applying wider tapes, up to 32mm in width.

Cylinder Arm: Enables easy tape application on sleeves and legs, tailored for workwear and outerwear.

Slim Quill: Eases tape application around tight corners.

Boot Quill: Facilitates tape application around acute curves, perfect for boots or gloves

Heated Top and Bottom Rollers: Enhances tape application on delicate fabrics with heated rollers.

Up/Down Adjustable Table: Allows easy height adjustment for versatile application scenarios.

seam sealer specification SPECIFICATION

Machine Details

Maximum Welding Temperature- 750°C
Speed- 11 m/min
Power Requirements- 230 V AC 50 Hz single phase or 110 V AC 60 Hz
Compressed Air- 142l/min, 90 psi (min), 120 psi (max), 5 CFM, 6.2-8.2 Bar, 152l/min
Bed Dimensions- 1200mm x 600mm
Roller Width- 28mm (standard)
Weight- 147 kg (net)
Packed Dimensions- 1350mm x 740mm x 1580mm
Packed Weight- 251kg (gross)

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