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TE-10 Tensometer

fabric tensometer
easy to use tensometer

The Ardmel Tensometer is simple to use, portable and can be used to measure breaking/tearing forces up to 980 Newtons.

Portable and simple to use, the Tensometer requires no training and features an easy to use clamping system. This comparitor is a great alternative to standard testing methods.
Ideal for comparison testing of seams and coating adhesion.

easy to use fabric tensometer SIMPLE OPERATION

Simply clamp the test piece, turn the handle and read the values.

different measurement readings for tensometer OPTIONAL ALTERNATIVE GAUGE

Optional alternative gauge up to 2000 Newtons.

tensometer specification SPECIFICATION

Machine Details

Power Requirements9VDC Battery 6 x AA (UM-3)
Dimensions580 x 300 x 27mm
Measurementskgf (kilogram-force), lbf (pound-force) or N (newtons)
Maximum Force100 kgf, 220 lbf, 980 N

portable garment tensometer


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