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TE-230 Flex & Abrasion Tester

flex and abrasion tester

The Flex & Abrasion Tester allows the operator to test their fabrics in realistic conditions. With a cabinet temperature of 35°C (body temperature) and humidity of 80%, the TE-230 simulates wear and tear of a garment through flexing and abrasion of the fabric.

With PID controlled temperature, and the options of choosing the number of cycles of both the abrasion and flex of the fabric. There is also the option to use the flex or abrasion alone, as well as the option to change the material on the abrasion pad to custom suit your testing.

Flex and Abrasion Tester


• The operator can choose their recommended testing cycles
• The sample fabric is first flexed clock wise & anti-clockwise for a pre-set amount of times
• Samle fabric is then pulled taut and abraded with the abrasive pad of choice for a pre-set amount of
times; during this cycle contaniments can be introduced.

testing flex and abrasion
The TE-230 using both it’s Flex & Abrasion methods

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