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MK950 Seam Sealing Machine

MK950 seam sealing machine

“Reliable efficiency through simplicity”

Our MK950 Seam Sealing Machine is designed to provide ease of operation, consistency and quality with a range of attachments to provide extra versatility.

With a built in touch-screen HMI (available in multiple languages), adjustments can be made quickly and easily. The upgraded control system also includes temperature and air supply feedback systems, so when the temperature is not in range, the machine will not operate. If there is a failure in the air supply, the heater will shutdown.

The MK950 Seam Sealing Machine is ideal for use with large/wide seam sealing products such as tents, balloons, very large bags etc.

green energy seam sealing machine
Our MK950 Seam Sealing Machine comes with built in advanced green energy technology to help your business reduce their energy requirements. Utilising a 1500W heater with an automatic energy saving system, the MK950 saves power AND compressed air by turning off the heater, air supply and machine (once cooled).

seam sealer fittings & accessories Standard Fittings

Automatic Scissors – to cut the tape at the end of a seam by means of an auxiliary foot pedal. This foot pedal can also be used to inch forward the tape feeding mechanism.
Slack Feed Tape Device – enables free tape feed, to reduce puckering and creasing.
Nozzle Guard – blows cold air down nozzle to cool, meaning the operator does not need to wear gloves.
Differential Drive – Allows the machine to compensate for soft, stretch or difficult fabrics, ensuring that the seam stays smooth and does not pucker.
Depth Stop Cylinder – Allows the use of thicker materials, such as neoprene

seam sealer optional extras Optional Extras

50mm Reflective Kit – To ease in the application of retro reflective tapes with a larger width – for use on workwear and outerwear
35mm Kit – For use on application of wider tapes, ranging up to 32mm
Slim Quill – To ease in the application of tapes around tight corners

seam sealer specification SPECIFICATION

Maximum welding temperature – 750oC
Speed – 11m/min
Power Requirements – 230 V AC 50 Hz single phase or 110 V AC 60 Hz
Compressed Air – 90 psi (min), 120 psi (max), 5 CFM
Roller Width – 28mm
Weight – 147 kg (net)

Packed Details

Dimensions – 1350mm x 740mm x 1580mm
Gross Weight – 251kg

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