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HSP-500 Pneumatic High Pressure Press

Designed for Advanced Construction Technology (A.C.T) processes, the HSP-500 is operated pneumatically, utilising the self levelling bottom to provide very high pressure.

The use of controls for timing, pressure and temperature allow for accurate replication and bonding parameters for consistent results.

The press can be used alongside our solvent-free adhesives, and can be used on uncoated, coated and laminated fabrics. The controls mean it can give excellent adhesion, soft handle and improved strength.


Extensively used in the outerwear, underwear and sportswear market. Optional stand available.






- Hood visors
- Pockets and pocket flaps
- Zippers
- Hems and waistbands
- & More!



- Engineered using membrane technology that gives a stable distribution of pressure
- Comes complete with standard flat bed heated top and bottom interchangeable plates, which can be independently controlled
- The heads are easy to change to give complete flexibility
- Simple control panel for pre-setting ensures ease of use and accuracy for the operator
- Dual display countdown timer
- Optional made-to-order plates available, e.g. zipper plates
- The high rise top plate gives plenty of space for positioning



- The temperature and time are set and the machine is allowed to reach temperature
- The fabric/seam is placed on the bottom plate
- The foot pedal is pressed which brings the top plate down, under gravity onto the fabric/seam. Release the foot pedal at any time prior to locking and the top plate rises
- The two hand safety switches are pressed, which locks the top plate and applies pressure
- After the set time, the pressure is released and the top plate rises



Machine Details

Power Requirements- 230 V AC 50 Hz single phase 16 Amps
Pneumatic- 7 bar at 12 litres/minute
Dimensions- 310mm x 1050mm x 1010mm
Weight- 90kg
Packed Dimensions- 1050mm x 360mm x 1050mm
Packed Weight- 140kg