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HSM-20 High Pressure Hot Stamp

high pressure hot stamp bonding machine

Perfect for use in badge application, sealing embroideries and cross-over seams.

The HSM-20 Hot Stamp features heated top and bottom plates. The Hot Stamp offers controls for timing, pressure and temperature, which alongside the self levelling bottom ensure consistent results.

The press can be used alongside Ardmel’s solvent free adhesives, and can be used on uncoated, coated and laminated fabrics, giving excellent adhesion, soft handle and improved strength.

quality hot stamp machine QUALITY & ACCURACY

- Engineered using membrane technology that gives a stable distribution of pressure
- Independently controlled top and bottom heated plates
- Simple control panel for presetting ensures ease of use and accuracy
- Dual display countdown timer
- Custom plates and foam pads can be requested

easy to use hot stamp bonding machine OPERATION

- The temperature and time are set and the machine is allowed to reach temperature
- The fabric/seam if placed on the bottom plate
- The handle is pulled to clamp the Hot plate down onto the fabric/seam, which starts the timer
- After the set time an audible warning is given and the handle is pushed back, releasing the fabric/seam

bonding machine specification SPECIFICATION

Machine Details

Maximum Temperature- 350°C
Maximum Dwell Time- 999.9 seconds
Minimum Dwell Time- 0.0 seconds
Hot Plate Standard Size- 75mm x 60mm
Height of Bottom Plate- 128mm
Supply Voltage- 230V
Current Consumption- 2 Amps


hot stamp machine


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