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Heat Seal Bonding

Heat Seal Bonding

Using heat seal adhesive tapes and bonding machines manufactured by Ardmel, we can produce stitchless fabric joining on a vast array of materials ideal for use in multiple garment sectors.

Stitch free garment manufacturing is becoming a popular alternative to traditional sewing bonding. Using hot melted adhesive tapes to bond fabrics together under heat and pressure can produce lightweight, strong bonds that do not damage or weaken the fabric.

Not to be confused with welding which uses ultrasonic waves to melt and fuse two plastic based materials together, bonding can be used on all fabrics because it relies on the adhesive tapes to create the join. This means that bonding presses can be used on 100% cotton fabrics and other natural fibres.

Adhesive Tapes used for garment bonding

At Ardmel, we proudly supply a range of high quality adhesive tapes to our customers across the globe. Our adhesive tapes can be found in the production of fashion clothing as well as technical outdoor clothing where the garment designers are looking for alternatives to traditional sewing.

By replacing traditional seams with adhesive bonding solutions, it can create sleeker designs that weigh less whilst offering other key benefits including being able to create a waterproof barrier on seams.

Heat seal bonding is a relatively new process that is helping to revolutionise garment manufacturing through innovative new garment designs, reduced wastage and increased performance.

Heat Seal Bonding is…

  • Lighter. Adhesive tape weighs less than traditional sewing thread seams on garments
  • Durable. Our adhesive tapes are relentlessly tested and are stronger than traditional sewing thread.
  • Waterproof. With no stitch holes and a consistent adhesive bond along the joint, heat seal bonds are producing exciting alternatives in clothing that requires waterproofing properties.
  • Flexible. The flexible and stretchy nature of our adhesive tapes produces a bond that is more adaptable than sewing thread with a more resistant ‘break point’.

Find out more

To find out more about how and why heat seal bonding is replacing stitching, please contact our head office.

Founded in 1973, our four plus decades of class leading experience has seen us at the forefront of new technological advances and innovation in everything from ultrasonic manufacturing to the constant development and refinement of seam sealing machines. And with the latest advances in boding presses and the adhesives used with them, you can rely on Ardmel to be with you every step of the way in developing and supplying specialist solutions for the clothing, electronics and PPE sectors.