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MK220-AC Seam Sealer

seam sealing machine for larger bonding needs

The MK220-AC Seam Sealing Machine is designed to provide ease of operation, consistency and quality on items such as tents, balloons, car interiors and awnings.

Featuring a Differential Drive, it allows the machine to compensate for soft, stretch or difficult fabrics.

The Lift Unit allows for better operator visibility and to give extra clearance for large items.

energy efficient seam sealing machine Energy Efficient

The MK220-AC features eco technology to help with improving energy efficiency, with an automatic energy saving system that saves power and compressed air by turning off the heater and, once cooled, turning off the machine and air supply.

seam sealing machine standard fittings Standard Fittings

Automatic Scissors- To cut the tape at the end of a seam by means of an auxiliary palm switch
Lift Unit- To allow for better operator visibility and to give extra clearance for large items

what can the seam sealer be used for APPLICATIONS

- Tents
- Balloons
- Car seat covers
- Filter bags
- & More!

seam sealing machine specification SPECIFICATION

Machine Details

Maximum Welding Temperature- 750°C
Speed- 11 m/min
Power Requirements- 230 V AC 50 Hz single phase or 110 V AC 60 Hz
Compressed Air- 90 psi (min), 120 psi (max), 5 CFM
Bed Dimensions- 20mm x 600mm
Roller Width- 28mm
Weight- 147kg (net)
Packed Dimensions- 1350mm x 740mm x 1580mm
Packed Weight- 251kg (gross)



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